• Manufacture and construction of wooden houses.
  • Dry the wood with a large cross-section up to 10% humidity
  • Profiled log and rounded log of natural moisture
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+7 987 296-29-30
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Profiled log of natural humidity


Wooden houses from profiled logs are environmentally friendly, they combine a relatively low cost with high performance characteristics. In addition, such houses, as a rule, look very neat and modern, excellently keep the temperature drops, which is very important for the regions of the central part of Russia.

For the production of a profiled log of natural moisture, a trimmed fresh-saw board, or natural drying (humidity 35-45%) is used. The following dimensions of the edge-surfaced beam are used: 150x200 mm, 200x200 mm., 200x250 mm. The workpiece of the required section (edge-surfaced beam) is machined on special equipment, on a four-sided machine. This ensures the mechanical processing of the log simultaneously from its four

DSC_3189.JPGsides, leaving grooves and spikes, by means of which these products are docked. Due to the fact that this material has undergone four-sided processing of the wall it does not require special additional finishing. For its production, mainly wood of coniferous species is used: spruce and pine cedar or larch, Angara pine. Raw material mainly grows in the Kirov region, the Komi republic, Irkutsk region, Gorny Altai, Krasnoyarsk region. We offer profiled log of natural moisture, the following sizes: 140x185, 185x185, 185x140, 230x185 mm. Sale is carried out by lots of any number, you can order a few cubes for building a bathhouse on a suburban site or buy a profiled beam for the construction of a whole mansion. When ordering a profiled log in the company ICC MG-GROUP each buyer gets an opportunity of additional savings due to: 1) discounts for large purchases, 2) special offers for regular customers; 3) favorable terms of delivery.

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